HighSight Student Leadership Application

Have you ever wanted to be a part of something bigger than yourself? To experience the joy and fulfillment in serving your community in a meaningful and transformational way? To learn what it means to follow Jesus alongside others who are diligently pursuing the same? Or perhaps you have a desire to lead and serve, but don’t know where to start? In any case...two words: STUDENT LEADERSHIP.

Our mission is threefold:
• Discipleship – Teaching students to live more and more like Jesus.
• Ownership – Challenging students to take ownership of their communities.
• Leadership – Showing students what it means to lead and providing them opportunities to do so.
The Plan:

The program will consist primarily of two elements:

1. Weekly Student Leadership roles in HighSight services:
- Each student will be required to be on a weekly team with a specific serving
role in HighSight (Communication, Hospitality, Worship, Media, etc.)

2. Monthly Meetings/Trainings:
- We’ll meet monthly throughout the school year where we will go through a
curriculum (book/video series, etc.) to learn how to be better followers of Jesus
and leaders.

The goal is that this program would grow into a 4 year program, where students would progress through curriculum and training in a systematic way. First year student leaders would all go through the same curriculum regardless of what grade they are in. In order to graduate to the next year, students would need to attend 7 out of 9 of the monthly meetings.

The proposed outline of curriculum by year are as follows:

Year 1: Basic Discipleship, Spiritual Disciplines
Year 2: Gifts/Strengths, Relationships
Year 3: Leadership Fundamentals
Year 4: Internship/Replication
Time Commitment/Expectations

As with anything in life, you get out what you put in...you reap what you sow. In order for this to be effective, it's going to take some work and some time. On top of the monthly meetings and weekly commitments to serve in HighSight during service, you should anticipate an extra 2-3 hours a week of additional time to do the required reading, assignments, and communication.

All said, it is anticipate that this will require approximately 5-7 hrs of time investment per week.

As this is a position of leadership, it is important that you demonstrate a life of integrity and godliness so as to not undermine your witness or authority. Obviously this does not mean you must be perfect, but that your life demonstrates a genuine pursuit of God and openness to what He is wanting to do in you. This means being open to correction or admonition from adult leaders. It is anticipated that a code of conduct be drafted and agreed upon to provide this accountability.
Parental Agreement

As this is a significant commitment in terms of time and transportation requirements, it is important that your parents are on board and in agreement with your participation. This is part of honoring and respecting your parents. It is your responsibility to discuss this with your parents and make sure they are in agreement.

A copy of the expectations and syllabus will be provided to your parents upon completion of this application. Acceptance into program will depend on their approval via that email.

If you don't live with your parents or they are not in agreement with your participation, I'd be happy to discuss the situation with you personally.
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First Year Syllabus

Student Leadership Retreat:
Date: Fri, Aug 10th – Sun, Aug 12th
Cost: TBD (Approx $50-75)
• Cast vision for program
• Team Building
• Evaluating strengths
• Establishing Ministry Teams/Service opportunities.
Curriculum for Monthly Meetings:
“Celebration of Discipline” - Richard Foster.
Students will be required to purchase book and study guide.

Monthly Meeting Dates:
09/09: Leadership 101/Character
10/14: Celebration of Discipline (CoD) Ch.1 – Meditation
11/04: CoD Ch.2 – Prayer & Ch.3 – Fasting
12/09: CoD Ch.4 – Study
01/13: CoD Ch.5 – Simplicity & Ch.6 – Solitude
02/10: CoD Ch.7 – Submission & Ch.8 – Service
03/10: CoD Ch.9 – Confession
04/07: CoD Ch.10 – Worship & Ch.11 – Guidance
05/05: CoD Ch.12 - Celebration

Meetings will take place on Sunday afternoons from 1:00pm-3:00pm. Lunch will be provided. Locations TBD.
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1. Completion of BASIC.: The BASIC. program will be offered twice a year. It’s a six-session course discussing the BASICs of the Christian faith and discipleship. Completion of this course entails attendance at 5 out of the 6 sessions. Due to this being the first time we're offering this, we're allowing students to "catch up" who couldn't be a part of BASIC this year. If you were unable to participate in BASIC this summer, please indicate so below. The curriculum will be sent for you to go through prior to starting student leadership. Expect 6-8 hours total to go through the material.
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2. Life Group Involvement: Each student leader will be required to meet at least twice a month with a HighSight Life Group. If you are not presently a part of Life Group, we will get you that application and get you plugged into one.
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Acceptance Process:

Application does not ensure acceptance into the program. Once your application and parent approval has been received, it will be reviewed by the Student Leadership oversight team and a determination will be made as to acceptance into the program. You will be notified via email not later than August 1st.